Chukar. Quail. Pheasant. Grouse. Gray Partridge.

Pheasant Hunting with my best friend at Sherman Creek Wildlife Area. Photo by Danny Garrett.

“ Chukars are nervous, skittish birds by nature…be quiet and stealthy…”

A chukar at the Chelan Wildlife Area, Swakane Unit. Photo by Alan Bauer.


“Hunt first light and last hour of daylight…”

A male California quail. Photo by Jim Cummins.


“ Those willing to gear up for cold weather can capitalize on lighter hunting pressure…”


“ If you locate or harvest birds one year…take note in a logbook or drop a pin on your GPS…”

A female spruce grouse at the Paysayten Wilderness Area. Photo by Scott Fitkin.

Gray Partridge

“ …a fun challenge for those who like to cover a lot of ground.”

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