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Why reporting matters

We’d like to remind all hunters that their hunter reports are due soon. Big Game Harvest Reports are due Jan. 10, 2020 for eligibility into the incentive permit drawing.

The Incentive Permit Drawing allows for hunters who report harvest by January 10 to be entered into a drawing for a special incentive permit. The nine special permits include two any elk permits for western Washington, two any elk permits for eastern Washington, and five statewide any deer permits. If your special permit hunting season extends beyond January 31, you will be included in the incentive drawing if you make a report within 10 days of the close of that season. The incentive drawing is usually held in April.

Incentive Permits are valid for areas open to general hunting seasons or special permit hunting seasons. The hunt dates are September 1 through December 31. The permits require a hunter to use archery equipment during archery season, muzzleloader equipment during muzzleloader season, and any legal weapon at other times if there are no firearm restrictions

Big Game Harvest Reports are due no later than Jan. 31, 2020, unless your special hunt or late season goes past this date. Turkey Harvest Reports are also due Jan. 31. After the deadline date, the system will not allow you to report your season.

Mandatory hunter harvest reports allow the department to better manage game species throughout the state and set permit levels for upcoming seasons. This often allows for more hunting opportunities throughout the state.

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Tracking a buck. Photo by Cody Nelson.

You can submit hunter reports online through WDFW’s WILD licensing system or by phone at (877) 945–3492. Please do not mail or e-mail your big game hunter reports as they will not be accepted, and you will be assessed a $10 administrative fee.

If you submitted a tooth as part of your harvest, you can use WDFW’s tooth lookup tool to see results.

For further questions, please visit the Harvest Reporting page of our website.

Thank you for submitting your harvest data! It is important to us and to the future of Washington’s game management.

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The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is dedicated to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

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