Changes to the coastal steelhead season

How did WDFW come to this decision?

If the runs are so bad, how can we reasonably keep the Quillayute and Hoh rivers open?

What does this mean for future coastal steelhead fishing seasons?

What does this mean for the salmon season in the Sol Duc and the Quillayute rivers?

What steps have the tribes taken to modify their fishing approaches?

How can I get involved?

  • Fishing from a floating device is prohibited.
  • Selective gear rules are in effect prohibiting the use of bait (including scents or scented materials), except only one single-point barbless hook is allowed.
  • Anglers must release all wild rainbow trout. There’s no intention of having hatchery rainbow trout present in these rivers.
  • Updated closure dates for listed rivers.
Recording of the Nov. 24 coastal steelhead virtual town hall.

What is the reason for these restrictions?

WDFW catch monitoring data showing catch success from angling from shore or by boat.

How did the department come to this decision?

When were anglers and conservationists told about this evolving situation?

What options are available for anglers who have a physical disability that would prohibit them from fishing under these restrictions?

How has the department considered angler safety in its decision to conserve steelhead by limiting access via boats while maintaining access from the bank?

Would the department consider expanding fishing opportunities during the season if it started to see positive results?

What do these restrictions mean for the future coastal steelhead seasons?

What are tribal governments doing?

What about keeping the Quillayute River system open, or other rivers where the run is expected to come in above forecast?

How can I share additional feedback?



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