Blaine angler breaks channel catfish sport fish record after nearly two decades

Now that’s a big fish!

Cole Abshere of Blaine, Washington has set a new state record for the largest Channel Catfish caught in Washington. The 37.70-pound fish measured 42.0 inches. Abshere, age 16, was spin fishing with bait alongside his grandfather on Lake Terrell in Whatcom County.

Cole Abshere with record fish.
Cole Abshere with record fish.
Cole Abshere, age 16, pictured with his record channel catfish. Photo by Angela Abshere.

“It was very exciting and very tiring,” said Abshere. “But, I did not give up the fight.”

The new record exceeded the previous channel catfish record by 1.50 pounds. That record was held by Ross Kincaid with a fish that was caught in I-82 Pond #6 on Sept. 6, 1999 — a month shy of twenty years ago.

Abshere said it was the first time he had ever caught a catfish, and he caught the monster on a eight pound line.

“You could go all fancy with gear, but what worked for me was a simple pole and a nightcrawler,” said Abshere.

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