September/October 2021

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Heading into this year’s hunting seasons I had a concern likely shared by many of you… how would wildfires, smoke, or resulting land closures impact the experience? Fortunately, the much-needed rains came and restrictions could be relaxed. …

October 17–23, 2021 is National Wolf Awareness Week in the U.S.- seven days dedicated to understanding wolves and their place in the ecosystem. Because wolves have been absent from the landscape for so many years (they were extirpated in the early 1900s) there are a lot of misconceptions about them…

It’s that time of year again- the sun is coming up later and going down earlier, there’s dew on the grass and frost will follow it soon, and fog hangs over the water in the early morning. …

The folks who manage WDFW wildlife areas are the MacGyvers of the outdoor world. They can solve most problems and make many repairs using just a leatherman multi-tool, duct tape, and zip ties. Their creative, low-cost solutions have saved a lot of time and money over the years. …

Cleaned lobster mushroom chunks on a cutting board ready for slicing
Lobster mushrooms can come home from the field sporting a lot of debris, but they clean up nicely with a little knife work. (Michael Foster/WDFW)

Hit the woods for nature’s bounty this month and beyond

By Michael Foster/WDFW

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the right spot in one of the damper areas of state this month, you might find that mushroom season is well underway with some of a forager’s favorites emerging from the moss.

Below you’ll find a starting point for…

Pick up pointers from our hunting basics fact sheets

With several seasons underway and more to come, WDFW has created several informative fact sheets to help new and returning hunters of some of our state’s resident game birds.

Have a look at the images below for hunting tips, season dates, links to regulations, species information, and license requirements for hunting turkey, forest grouse, and pheasant in our state.

We hope you have a successful hunting season and that these fact sheets help you along the way!

A deer hunter enjoys the beautiful country and public land opportunity of WDFW’s Methow Wildlife Area in Okanogan County near Winthrop. (Kevin Puzey)
A deer hunter enjoys the beautiful country and public land opportunity of WDFW’s Methow Wildlife Area in Okanogan County near Winthrop. (Kevin Puzey)

Give back to your open spaces on this Discover Pass free day

Any time is the right time to honor your public lands, but September holds a special opportunity to show appreciation for this invaluable resource by taking part in National Public Lands Day (NPLD).

Sept. 25 is the date this year for the occasion, the nation’s largest single-day volunteer event for…

Scientist explains how invasive amphibians can harm native species and habitats

The African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) is a semi-aquatic frog native to sub-Saharan Africa that readily acclimates to a wide range of habitats. These frogs can take over a habitat, and either out-compete or consume native species of frogs, fish, and other wildlife. African clawed frogs are often carriers of…

Working to restore, conserve, and protect estuary habitat to benefit fish, wildlife, and people

Washington is home to nearly 2,700 miles of coastline and estuaries, which are an important part of our culture and our natural heritage. Along the coast, estuaries are centers of activity! This is where freshwater rivers meet the saltwater of the ocean, providing rich food resources and creating the perfect…

Puget Sound crab catch record cards are due now — and they’re more important than you might think.

Catch record cards for the summer crabbing season in Puget Sound must be submitted by Oct. 1, 2021. (Photo by Stuart Allen)

Labor Day marked the end of a sunny summer crabbing season in Puget Sound, but before you put your pots away for the year or begin planning your trips for the winter season, there’s one more piece of housekeeping every crabber must do: Submit your Puget Sound catch record card…

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is dedicated to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

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